Main Efforts

These are several of the key tasks that we are focusing on:
Collecting Case Studies

We gather information on examples of Industrial Symbiosis and Eco-Industrial Parks in the wild.

Making Work with Classification Systems Easier

Tracking down the correct codes is hard. It doesnt have to be.

Mapping and Integrating Databases

Which data sets can be linked, and what are the types of research that this will enable?

Material Properties

Be able to cross apply technologies that use one material to other similar (property) materials


Working Smarter with Industrial Data

The Industrial Symbiosis DATA repository is an open platform for collecting and supplying structured information on industrial symbiosis. In addition to providing a source of best practice activities, the platform has been established to enable various user segments to utilize this data on industrial symbiosis in conjunction with other open or proprietary data sets. A collection of tools to support the utilization of the various data sources has been created to assist platform users according to their various interests and goals.

  • Target Users:

    • Value Chain Actors
    • External Facilitators
    • Researchers

  • Example Applications:

    • Symbiosis input-output matching websites
    • Market and technology analysis in conjunction with internal data
    • Automatic suggestions for classification codes

Our Team

Graham Aid
PhD Candidate @ Linköping University
Chris Davis
Assistant Professor @ University of Groningen
Ben Zhu
PhD Candidate @ TU Delft
Gijsbert Korevaar
Assistant Professor @ TU Delft
Sarah King
Senior Research Consultant & PhD Candidate @ CSIRO
Peter Lowitt
Director, Devens Enterprise Commission
Nils Boberg
Case study admistrator, ISDATA / Linköping University

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